Intelligent Ice -
" Developed by Intelligent Inventions winner of 8 Prestigious international awards and the  winner of the best invention 5 years in a row"
Intelligent Ice “Amazing Medical Breakthrough”
What is Intelligent Ice?

Intelligent Ice solution “temperature controlled ice” is a temperature controlled cooling product. This is an amazing breakthrough in technology when a person or animal is injured no more having to use ice which can freeze burn after about 1 minute. If the product is to cold it will cause damage to underlying tissue and nerve endings. You can strap this outstanding product on and leave it on for hours which reduce the swelling and bruising at a safe and comfortable set temperature. The product can stay at the set temperature for up to 4 hours depending on the thickness. Then put it back in the freezer when you bring it out again it will go up to the safe temperature of around 7-8 degrees Celsius above. This product can be used time and time again for years. The Intelligent ice solution can also be set at 15C degrees below zero this application is effective in keeping drinks cold using a wrap around application.

How it Works 
The solution is a natural substance but at preparation can be set so it stays at a specific temperature forever e.g. can be set at 7degrees Celsius above or down to 30 degrees below.  Depending on the thickness of the ice the product can stay at that temperature for up to 4 hours. For human jackets hoods etc the ice will be set and stay between 7-8 degrees Celsius for about 4 hours then just put it back into the freezer and it will re freeze back to the same temperature within about 1.5 hours depending on the thickness of the solution. No more cold burning, normal ice and gel products take about 6 hours to re freeze and are too cold and can cause freeze burn and nerve damage. Another amazing point with this leading technology you can put the ice product solution in the normal part of the fridge and it freezes within about 36 hours. If you put water in the normal part of a fridge it will not freeze.
Why should I use Intelligent Ice?

Quick recovery times and safe No freeze burn. Intelligent Ice helps relieve inflamed muscles, tendons and acute sprains that may result from strenuous activity and other injuries. It can also reduce the swelling, inflammation, bruising and discomfort that can come from medical and cosmetic procedures.

When should I use Intelligent Ice?

Intelligent Ice can be used before and after an event, after strenuous training or exercise, during transportation, as first aid.

What are the benefits over ice or cold packs?
Ice or cold packs can be very uncomfortable because they are to cold, and you have to keep taking it of every few minutes and if used without supervision can lead to tissue and nerve damage. Intelligent Ice “temperature controlled cooling therapy can be used safely for hours at a safe and effective temperature between 7-8 C. And unlike commercial cold packs, which can give you freeze burn after about 2 minutes.

What is the shelf life of Intelligent Ice?
Should be good for years.
Why use Cold instead of heat in the first 48 hours?

The use of heat during the first 48 hours, while feeling heavenly when applied, has hellish consequences. Heat increases inflammation and swelling, not to mention recovery time.
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