Intelligent Ice -
The Problem
When a human or animal injures themselves, many times the first and best course of action is to cool the area as quickly as possible using ice packs or very cold water.
Your immediate goal is to try to reduce inflammation and swelling in order to minimize tissue & cell damage and speed healing. Ice slows the inflammatory process while other treatments such as medications can begin to take effect.
Care must be taken, however, whenever cold therapy is applied to a limb. Ice wraps used incorrectly or applied for too long can potentially damage the skin and underlying tissue. Available ice packs can be too cold and damage the nerve endings and can cause frostbite.
Tissue injury results in inflammation, which releases chemical mediators (cytokines) and increases blood flow. Cytokines and the metabolites released from tissues cause the heat, pain and swelling observed after injury. Cold limits the inflammatory response through vasoconstriction. This decreases fluid leaking from the local capillaries, thereby preventing edema in traumatized tissues.
The Answer
  • Temperature controlled ice solution can be set in the laboratory at a safe temperature and stay at the temperature for its life span.
  • Provides controlled cooling therapy for up to four hours or more
  • No more freeze burn or frostbite
  • Applies quickly and easily
  • Easy, no-mess application (no melting ice or running water)
  • Convenient to use anywhere, anytime—travelling
  • Apply immediately after a workout, at an event or in transit
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Dissipate heat
  • Alleviate pain
  • Slow bleeding
  • Designed to prevent the potential tissue damage that can occur with frozen products when used for extended periods of time.
Safe for use:

This is not made of water but is a specially formulated product made of natural ingredients. Please read the instruction sheet.
  • NO Medications
  • NO Steroids
  • Non-toxic Ingredients
Below are some pictures of our Product and how to use and benefit from it. Athlete's all over have nothing but great results from using this amazing product. It helps in alleviating pain and reduce swelling just what most Athlete's want. Put it on and the pain and swelling is gone..........
Inteligent Ice helps to reduce swelling
Application instructions for Intelligent Ice
Used by athletes to reduce swelling and promote quick healingjoetwo
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